The Natural Dog School welcomes all dogs, for behaviour training, agility, and gradual puppy development. We specialise with training for dogs that struggle elsewhere and can offer a haven from which you can explore their potential. The innovative techniques used are very different to mainstream training and can achieve results where others fail.

What we do

Whether you want to teach a reliable recall, scramble around the agility course, or raise your puppy calmly, you can discover how here at the Natural Dog School. It is the ideal place to master the techniques that reliably channel your dog’s enthusiasm, leaving them emotionally grounded, calm and stable. Our goal is to help you work together by providing a safe venue to practise the foundation skills.

What is Natural Dog Training?

The training is based on Natural Dog Training and works with a dog’s energy, helping them feel in control of their world. The exercises are not behaviours for the dog to learn, but specific skills practised to develop the temperament. As their sense of composure and resilience grows they become steadier and more at ease.


The Great Egg Race

Contact should be a secret between a horse and his rider. – Nuno Olivera Many years ago there was a TV program called “The Great Egg Race” in which teams of crazy inventors were given Heath Robinson-like challenges to complete with a minimum of resources. It’s spiritual successor was found in Scrapheap Challenge, but the initial …

Disrhythmic Training

This is training that takes a pattern and breaks it on purpose. It often creates confusion which is perfect for generating and establishing new creative responses. Obviously the clashing, jarring asymmetry isn’t a comfortable feeling and needs to be used to find a new pathway. However the new pathway eventually takes precedence and accommodates the …


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Directions to the Natural Dog School

It is very easy to find us, the gate to the field is along a track, the second right turn off Brook Lane in Botley.

From J7/J8 of the M27

Follow the signs to Botley, and then just after you pass Sparshatts Car Showroom turn right into Brook Lane.

From Wickham or Bishops Waltham

After driving through Botley, you’ll pass the church and the recreation grounds, both on your left. Turn left into Brook Lane at Woodhill Prep School.