Star Wars Day

On this Star Wars day I thought I’d give you my top 3 villains for channeling into scary-person.

Ok first one is a bit green, although I found this photo of her in B&W. Scores highly with brandishing broom and has got great “claw hands”, it’s the wicked witch.

Second, and my personal favourite, the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Now he scores well with big net for a shovel substitute, and has also gone for a sickle as well as pretty good claw hand. His speciality though is the soften and draw, luring in with Treacle tart and ice cream, free today! Nightmares guaranteed, but is overwhelmed by the children too.

Then there’s the dark shadow himself, Darth Vader. An excellent claw hand with the force choke, and happy to wield a light saber. His main strength though is in the breathy soundtrack, an excellent skill to practise when summoning up an evil character.

Lord Voldermort almost made the cut, but chose to wave a wand instead of a much bigger stick. Clearly not played with either of my two…

May the 4th be with you!

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