The Crucible

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training” – Archilochos… or possibly Bruce Lee…

Training is like using a crucible. It allows you to experiment and heat things up, adding energy but keeping things separate and contained. The crucible is a barrier to the things outside, and inside the energy can be processed and create something new. It separates what goes on outside, essentially the things which are outside our control, with everything inside the barrier, within the crucible. Practising capturing and working with the energy internally is the goal of the training, and prepares the way for dealing with the world outside. If the aim of training is to teach the dog to stop chasing bikes, then we need the same force inside the crucible which can then be processed. The extent of the system can be drawn up anywhere, but essentially the simple system to parallel everything outside is contained between handler and dog. Between the two we can have a parallel with anything outside, which then offers the opportunity to practise the skills required. Part of the challenge is then building the same feeling between dog and owner inside the crucible, to that between dog and bike on the outside. When the same intensity is created internally, everything outside is superfluous, and the reaction inside can be directed and controlled as required. The external problem becomes transformed and solved, through working on a parallel system.

Top tip… “keep it in the pan”

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