The dog’s Dojo

The Natural Dog School was called a school because of my love of learning, and I wanted to create a space for dogs and handlers to do just that. Everything within is a parallel to the world without and can be used to recreate life’s challenges to be met in a safe and secure environment. Creating the challenge is also exploring and pulling apart the essence of the problem, where it can be examined and played through, finding out what lies at the heart of the issue. Understanding and development then comes through this study of the crucial elements.

In the world of Japanese martial arts they practise in a space called a dojo. Literally meaning “place of the way”, this is also what I aim for at the Natural Dog School. It is a place where you can study the natural way that dogs will work, and mastering the forms and exercises at the dojo is then giving you the skills to take out into the world. Martial arts also practise skills in a role play manner, with your training partner or uke bringing their energy to the encounter, a counterbalance or foil against which to rehearse. This is the way Natural Dog Training works, by becoming the energy against which the dog practises its response, moving together, uniting, creating a bond that is stronger than anything outside. The dojo then expands to include everywhere, it is not restricted by the boundary of any designated place. The world becomes your classroom.

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